built for pros, designed for everyone

Obscura is an innovative camera app that combines gorgeous controls with powerful camera features, that take full advantage of the iPhone’s hardware. Its minimal interface stays out of the way so you can focus on getting the perfect shot.

Minimal Interface

Obscura features a stunning design that balances a minimalist aesthetic with tonnes of functionality. All the controls are placed within easy reach of your thumb, making it incredibly comfortable to use, without needing two hands.

Intuitive Controls

Control focus and exposure with a single gesture. Haptic feedback allows you to precisely control settings without having to take your eye off your subject. It’s ergonomic, intuitive, and oh so satisfying.

Precise Focus

Manual focus is made easy with focus peaking and a loupe, ensuring you get pin sharp photos no matter the situation.

Camera Options

Obscura makes it a breeze to switch between all the cameras your iPhone has to offer. Whether you prefer ultrawide landscapes or 5× portraits, a new perspective is just a flick away.